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12 July 2017 - San Diego

I have in the past, tried to maintain a blog, and write whenever I am able, but I have never been able to find the sweet spot of consistency and continuous source of inspiration. Part of it has been work commitments, a lot of travel, and too less time to introspect and straighten out priorities. Fortunately, I recently started traveling more for leisure which allowed me to give more time to myself and straighten out my priorities rather than just blindly go through the rut of the routine. As a consequence, I also read more, and one of recent books I got my hands on was When Breath Becomes Air by late Paul Kalanithi, which was instrumental in making me give a deep thought to what’s important to me. Though, I love what I do, and I am quite passionate about adding value through technology in any way possible, I still think this is not all, there is definitely more to my being and finding the purpose is not just a thought but an unraveling of my being in it’s own right. Honestly, it feels more like a duty than just a puzzle I am trying to put together.

One of the realizations was going back to my love of writing and sharing thoughts in the most known (read: introverted) way, I know! And it was a no brainer that I needed phoenixing* my blog and write more often. So, here’s another attempt sharing my thoughts, phoenixing my blog, and phoenixing myself.

P.S. - I have been an ardent follower of Tom Preston-Werner right from his early Github days. I shamelessly copied the layout of his blog and made it my own. The content and contribution is nowhere near what he has done, but the effort will be no less, I promise. Thanks to people like him, who keep the field of technology exciting, realm of software engineering relevant, and passion for coding alive for the rest of us.

Here’s a bonus picture of an oblivious llama chomping grass at Machu Picchu from my recent trip to Peru.

*Phoenixing is not an actual word, I fashioned it after the mythological bird phoenix which is known for it’s cyclical re-birth much like what this blog has been so far.